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143 Years of Remarkable Heritage


Founded in 1876 and formally incorporated in 1890, American Calendar is the oldest U.S. manufacturer of promotional calendars.  While we continue to lead the way in adopting new technology to provide optimum efficiency and environmental sustainability, we proudly carry forward the core values ingrained in our business culture by our founders. 

Customer Focus - Our success is due in part to helping our customers effectively market their businesses  

Quality - Continuous evaluation of materials and processes necessary to produce and deliver a premium product 

Honesty & Integrity - Remain true to our roots by conducting business in a fair, honest, and transparent manner 

Teamwork -  Strengthen internal and customer business units by collaborating to achieve a common goal                              

As the original designer and producer of the Farmer's Almanac Calendar in the 1800's, American Calendar strives to employ the same unbridled creativity and forward thinking techniques throughout every product design.  Providing our customers with the "most often seen" promotional marketing tool packed with features of functionality to meet your clients' needs are still unwavering today.  Offering more than 100 styles to both small and large businesses, marketing your brand in the utmost cost effective manner is our ultimate desire as your supplier.

With anticipation of another 143 years we will continue to hold steadfast to our roots, adapt to external influences to remain competitive, and supply our customers with a time-tested and proven promotional product used by every profession imaginable.

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